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Priska Neely/KPCC

What's behind the high black infant mortality rates? Racism, not race

KPCC’s Priska Neely reports on one of the reasons it has been so hard to bring down the black infant mortality rate: systemic racism is at the heart of the issue.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: PBS Twin Cities need a Web Editor

Twin Cities PBS and the Next Avenue Team are hiring a new Web Editor for Health & Caregiving to help enrich the lives of those around us through the power of public media.
Photo: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

What can we do to combat the deadly effects of rising temps?

Thanks to climate change, the health hazard posed by extreme heat is growing. And practical solutions aren't meeting the challenge so far.
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Health Media Jobs & Opportunities: Check out these radio and television broadcast openings

WBUR is seeking a multimedia journalist to join our CommonHealth unit – a multi-platform effort to report on health, medicine and life sciences.
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Q&A: How two aces investigated a high-profile transplant center — and had immediate impact

Mike Hixenbaugh shares how he and Charlie Ornstein exposed the unusually high rate of deaths and complications at one of the country’s best known heart transplant programs.
Jessica Griffin / Staff Photographer

Wolf pledges millions to tackle lead paint in city schools

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday said he was directing state funds to begin a $15.7 million emergency cleanup at some of Philadelphia’s most rundown schools.
[Cropped photo by scooterdmu via Flickr.]

Why are Californians with sickle cell falling ‘into a black hole’?

“Children get the best care possible, no doubt,” says the head of the Sickle Disease Foundation of California. “It’s when that child becomes an adult — that’s when they fall into a black hole.”
[Photo: City of Minneapolis Archives via Flickr.]

Why is Texas keeping deaths a secret?

We're asking distinguished reporters to highlight an issue or story that is either being missed entirely or underreported by the media.


There's a growing push by Republican governors to require Medicaid recipients to work to receive care. And the Trump administration is giving them the green light. This webinar will explore what this policy shift means for Medicaid enrollees, and outline questions reporters should be asking now. Sign up here!

Want to improve your data journalism skills?  Apply now for the $2,000 California Data Fellowship -- four all-expenses-paid days of training on data acquisition, analysis and visualization, a $2,000 reporting grant and six months of expert mentoring.  Dates:  October 17-20. Deadline: August 27.


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