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Health Media Jobs and Opportunities: Job opening at Women’s Health magazine

Health Media Jobs and Opportunities: Job opening at Women’s Health magazine

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To keep up with the latest discussions on topics relevant to health journalists, follow Career GPS posts and job listings . To submit a job listing, send me an email at [email protected].

Featured Opportunity

, Women’s Health Magazine

About: From fitness and nutrition to beauty and style, Women's Health gives young women the tools they need to make instant, positive changes in their lives. The ideal candidate will possess: Experience assigning and editing stories on health, fitness, and cultural issues related to young women’s lives, and have good general service journalism experience. At least five years of experience at a major magazine or newspaper. Be comfortable reviewing scientific research, and have a passion for topics related to women’s health and well-being.
Medium: Print
Location: Emmaus, PA
Status: Full-time

New Job Listings

, Time Warner Cable
Location: New York, NY
Status: Full-time
Medium: Television/Production

, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Location: Woodlawn, MD
Status: Full-time
Medium: Online

, Access Intelligence
Location: Rockville, MD
Status: Full-time
Medium: Print

, Angie's List magazine
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Status: Full-time
Medium: Print

, Internet Brands, Inc.
Location: El Segundo, CA
Status: Part-time
Medium: Online


Professional Reporting Fellowships, University Center, Chicago
About: Community leaders, educators and police officials have been trying to stem youth violence with innovative approaches both inside and outside of schools. This two-day workshop will examine some of those efforts and how reporters can cover youth violence in a sophisticated way.
Deadline: Monday, October 1, 2012
Location: Chicago,Il

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