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The Welcome Home Project: Re-entry, recovery, and healing

The Welcome Home Project: Re-entry, recovery, and healing

Picture of Micky Duxbury
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Photography show opening at Oakland City Hall

The Welcome Home Project 's goal is to lift up stories of men and women who spent between five and 20 years time in prison and jails and have been able to turn their lives around. Their stories and photographs have been compiled into a compelling and motivational calendar format booklet designed to be accessible to people inside jails and prisons. 

The booklet lifts up stories of survival, resilience, and success that are often hidden in the shadows of stigma and shame associated with past criminal behavior. We hope to increase public awareness of the challenges and achievements of the formerly incarcerated while providing positive role models to those both inside and outside jails and prisons.

If you are interested in a PDF of the booklet please me. 


Picture of Micky Duxbury

 You can me via e-mail: [email protected]  if you're interested in the 44 page welcome home booklet. If you  have s in California jails or prisons that might be interested in the booklet, please let me know. 

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