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Reporting on children living in New Orleans' 'Triangle of Death'

Reporting on children living in New Orleans' 'Triangle of Death'

Picture of Jonathan Bullington
Food pantry in New Orlean's Central City
Food pantry in New Orlean's Central City

Editor's Note: Times-Picayune reporter Jonathan Bullington offers a behind-the-scenes look at his reporting, with colleague Richard Webster, on children growing up in New Orleans' "Triangle of Death."This is the one of an occasional series of “vlogs,” or video blogs, chronicling the experience of tackling an ambitious, impact-oriented journalism project for Center for Health Journalism Fellows. In this case, Richard and Jonathan took the unusual step as reporters of renting space in a community center in the neighborhood, with support from the Center for Health Journalism.  One of them spent at least part of each day there. It was a key step for sensitive reporting on children for whom the question becomes, "Not if they've been exposed to violence but how often," Bullington says. 

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