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2010 White House Correspondents’ Association Edgar A. Poe award

For four-part newspaper series (a CHJ fellowship project) I co-authored with BANG reporter Sandy Kleffman called “Shortened Lives: Where You Live Matters,” on why life expectancies vary so dramatically between nearby neighborhoods.


There's a growing push by Republican governors to require Medicaid recipients to work to receive care. And the Trump administration is giving them the green light. This webinar will explore what this policy shift means for Medicaid enrollees, and outline questions reporters should be asking now. Sign up here!

Want to improve your data journalism skills?  Apply now for the $2,000 California Data Fellowship -- four all-expenses-paid days of training on data acquisition, analysis and visualization, a $2,000 reporting grant and six months of expert mentoring.  Dates:  October 17-20. Deadline: August 27.


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