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Anti-Vaccine Ads on a Times Square Jumbotron

Anti-Vaccine Ads on a Times Square Jumbotron

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A new database of health care costs, praise for Millenials and doctors in Libya, in today's Daily Briefing.

Price Check: introduces a at the Albany Times Union. Peruse for yourself. Right now, you can estimate dental costs; the medical database will be published in August.

Advertising Choices: Matt Blum at Wired wants CBS Outdoors to . (In the photo to the left, Dr. Schreiber gives a typhoid innoculation at a rural school in San Augustine County, Texas, in 1943. Photo by John Vachon, via the Library of Congress.) Michael Cervieri at Future Journalism Project has some questions about KPCC's during the budget debate.


Millenials: Tom Paulson begins a series of portraits at Humanosphere that examine a generation's dedication to global health. Here's and here are .

Opinion on Medicare: Jay Hancock takes on Medicare for the Baltimore Sun this way:

Retirees and boomers close to retirement are alarmed that substantial changes loom for the program they or their spouses contributed to for decades. Many see the potential cuts or greater required contributions as betrayal. But neither you nor anybody else in the program has paid anything close to what the benefits are worth. Saying you have a right to an unaltered Medicare is like saying you can buy $300 worth of food at Giant with a $100 bill.

Doctors in Libya: A Doctors Without Borders podcast examines the challenges of treating patients in a warzone.

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