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Bakerfield's Dubious Honor: Worst Air Quality in U.S.

Bakerfield's Dubious Honor: Worst Air Quality in U.S.

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Environmental Health:

after wresting the dubious honor from Los Angeles, according to an annual air pollution study by the American Lung Association, Daniel J. DeNoon reports for WebMD. Yet many cities have made good progress in cleaning up their air, improving the health of residents.

Women's Health: The , while small, has nearly doubled from 1997 to 2008, according to a new report examined by the Los Angeles Times' Shari Roan. More c-sections, obesity and underlying heart disease explain some of those deaths, medical experts say.

Mobile Health: Just as people join fitness centers and then slack off, so too are they after a few uses, a new consumer survey suggests. 

Stay Close: A new GPS from wandering away from their caregivers, Brian Dolan reports for MobiHealthNews.

Diabetes: People with , according to a large study of adults in Australia, Reuters reports.

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