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Blue Shield of California: Yep, We're Giving (Some) Money Back

Blue Shield of California: Yep, We're Giving (Some) Money Back

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Health Insurance:

Blue Shield of California made national headlines today with its pledge in the San Francisco Chronicle's opinion page to to its policyholders. The insurer had faced intense political and consumer pressures after proposing to raise its rates as much as 87 percent for individual policyholders, Victoria Colliver reports for the Chronicle.

Heart Health: Fewer Californians die after a heart attack, according to a new state analysis, but , and they're killing patients at a younger age, Joanna Lin reports for California Watch.

Heart Scam: ProPublica's Marshall Allen that has drawn the ire of consumers and the scrutiny of regulators.

Food Safety: , according to a new examined by Lyndsey Layton for the Washington Post.

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