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In California, Elder Day Care in Jeopardy

In California, Elder Day Care in Jeopardy

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Senior Health:

California's adult day health centers, which provide social services and health care to frail seniors, even as the federal government tries to promote them nationwide, Herbert A. Sample reports for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Women's Health: Although overall life expectancy has risen for both American men and women, , a disturbing trend experts link to high rates of smoking and obesity in those regions, Noam Levey reports for the Los Angeles Times. 

Environmental Health: In China, authorities are in denial over of workers and their children,  Sharon LaFraniere reports for the New York Times.

Health Fraud: The feds release a list of their , including a and a .

Medicaid: The federal government is , resulting in lower payments to doctors and more worries for Medicaid patients around the country, Robert Pear reports for the New York Times.

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