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California Hospitals: Progress in Stemming Devastating Sepsis Blood Infections

California Hospitals: Progress in Stemming Devastating Sepsis Blood Infections

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Patient Safety: Nine California hospitals in stemming the tide of potentially fatal bloodstream infections known as sepsis, Victoria Colliver reports for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Medical Marijuana:

Quelle surprise. In Michigan, most people getting rather than for cancer, AIDS wasting or other serious conditions, Dawson Bell and John Wisely report for the Detroit Free Press.

Environmental Health: National Geographic's Anne Casselman reviews what's happened to the in the Gulf of Mexico.

Smoking Bans: By 2020, all Americans could be subject to smoking bans in workplaces, bars and restaurants if state and local bans , reports Mike Stobbe for the Associated Press. Here is his story is based on.

Sleep Deprivation: Most , sometimes suffering poor health as a result. Mary Louise Kelly of NPR reports in the wake of headlines about air traffic controllers found sleeping on the job.

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