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The Politics of Food Poisoning (Statistics)

The Politics of Food Poisoning (Statistics)

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Here's what we're checking out today:

Food Poisoning: If you missed this earlier, it's a must-read: Marion Nestle behind the CDC's recent statistics on food-borne illness.

Teen Moms: The teen birth rate , the CDC reports. Experts speculate that the recession and a drop in immigration may explain some of the drop, according to the Associated Press. You can find the CDC report .

Health Reform: to federal or regulators over any premium increases that top 10 percent, under proposed health reform regulations examined today by the New York Times' Robert Pear.

Too Much Care? BNET's Ken Terry to convincing both doctors and patients that less can sometimes be more." (Also check out our recent Q&A with Dr. Neel Shah of the Costs of Care project.)


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