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Carolyn Cannuscio

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Carolyn Cannuscio, an urban-health disparities researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, talked to Taunya English about place and the power of design on health.

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Are community health experts and policy makers looking in the right places as they analyze America's health woes? A team of interviewers took to the streets in Philadelphia, cameras in hand, to find out what ordinary people think about health in their neighborhoods.

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Here we were, a couple dozen reporters from some of the best, sharpest news outlets around the state, veteran journalists with a nose for news and a passion for learning how we could improve, sharpen and expand our skills and knowledge of health care reporting. We convened at the Millenium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles for an extraordinary three-and-a-half day fellowship experience to talk shop, listen to some of the country's experts in public health and health journalism and form our own network of sorts as professionals on a common mission.

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The California Health Journalism Fellowship is officially underway after our first meeting tonight, here in downtown Los Angeles. Keynote speaker and social epidemiologist Carolyn Cannuscio presented her jaw-droppingly thorough report on health in needy Philadelphia communities, and I wanted to share a few thoughts before calling it a night.

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Carolyn Cannuscio comes from an avid newspaper-reading family. The health and science sections were always the table favorites. She recalls a conversation with her father where he imparted his wish that she do "something big" with her career. "Write a letter to Jane Brody about your work!" he sai


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