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“We expected to find a larger difference between plans on and off the exchange,” said researcher Simon Haeder. “In both cases, it was very unlikely to get an appointment.”

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People who live in the country's industrial zones and experience its pollution already feel the effects of what a hotter planet will bring as carbon levels climb and air quality steadily worsens, resulting in higher rates of asthma, allergies, respiratory ills and even heart disease.

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When I left for a week of reporting in rural California in late February, I didn't know I would come back with two stories about the devastating health consequences of isolation.

I'm not just talking about the geographic isolation one finds in a remote area. From the hilly evergreen landscape of eastern Shasta County, to the agricultural flatlands of Tulare County in the South Central Valley, I witnessed how isolation can leave people in the dark about keeping healthy, lead to emotional despair, and pose real barriers to quality of life.

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Is your community offering a medical respite program for homeless people being released from local hospitals? Journalist Isabelle Walker's coverage offers a compelling road map.

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Corporate pressure for pesticide use, rising ER visits, and easing the high cost of health care in Massachusetts, more from our Daily Briefing.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Rising numbers of uninsured, a new listeria outbreak, and an emergency room vending machine for prescriptions, more in our Daily Briefing. 

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Every ER has patients like "Sam." The staff call them "frequent fliers" because they patch them up and discharge them, only to watch them return an hour or a day or a week later with another problem.  How much should the health care system spend to help someone who won't help himself? 


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Journalist Mark Taylor examines how one Gary, Indiana emergency room continues to serve some of the sickest and neediest patients in the region, handling more gunshot, knife wound and violent trauma cases than other area ERs, alongside the chronically ill.

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This story is Part 1 of a 15-part series that examines health care needs in Gary, Ind.

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If you have the misfortune of suffering a heart attack, you hope at least a few things might go right when you are wheeled into the ER.

You hope the doctor on duty will give you the right tests.

You hope the doctor will read those tests correctly to make a solid diagnosis.

You hope the doctor will admit you to the hospital if you need further care.



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