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Picture of Amy Roost
Three children belonging to the same set of parents, with a combined four brain malformations that doctors say are unrelated. “The doctors are wrong,” says the mother.
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California's agricultural industry is tops in the nation and pesticides play a vital role in keeping it healthy. They also play a vital role in the lives of farm workers...a poisonous one.

Picture of Sergio Flores

Amid the worst West Nile virus season in years, what's an acceptable level of risk for aerial insecticide spraying?

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

This year's West Nile virus season is one of the worst in years. Could quicker action have prevented deaths in Dallas?

Picture of Tammy Worth

Journalist Tammy Worth examines the debate over so-called "Agent Orange Corn."

Picture of Joy Horowitz

Recent studies have found statistical links between pesticide use and an outbreak of Parkinson's disease in California farm towns. Researchers even know which chemicals are the likely culprits. What's the government doing about it? Not much.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Corporate pressure for pesticide use, rising ER visits, and easing the high cost of health care in Massachusetts, more from our Daily Briefing.

Picture of Robin  Urevich

At a Planned Parenthood clinic near Salinas, farm workers who plan to have children in the near future are learning to protect themselves against pesticide exposure on the job. "This is dangerous work," said Jessica Dieseldorff, a nurse practitioner who's heading up the pilot education program.


Picture of Alma Martinez

The U.S. EPA has opened a public comment period on methyl iodide, a highly toxic fumigant used in soil preparation before the planting of strawberries, carrots, and other vegetable crops. There are many points of view on this issue worth exploring. Here are just a few.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Why is the controversial pesticide methyl iodide set to be used in California strawberry fields? Answers and more in our Daily Briefing.



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