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Robert Roberts

Picture of William Heisel

What is happening in the case of two nurses in Winkler County, Texas, should serve as a warning to those who attempt to slap down whistleblowers: you will not win. Here’s a score card of winners and losers in the case so far.

Picture of William Heisel

Texas sheriff Robert Roberts and doctor Rolando Arafiles, accused of intimidating whistleblower nurses, get their day in court - while Arafiles has found another hospital job despite the controversy.

Picture of William Heisel

Sometimes justice does win.

Antidote wrote last year about how Dr. Rolando Arafiles in Kermit, Texas, had used his clout to persuade Winkler County Sheriff to go after two nurses who had accused him of stealing hospital supplies and using his medical office to run an herbal remedy business.


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