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Seattle is known as a haven for foodies, so it was something of a shameful surprise to discover that Seattle has a food desert in its own backyard.

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This week: The Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post seeks a Health News Editor. Also highlighted are opportunities at various online outlets. And as always, we've included the most updated information on upcoming grants, fellowships and educational opportunities.

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A new reporting project will focus on community health challenges facing predominantly Latino communities in Chicago and the Midwest.

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We started Career GPS one year ago, almost to the day. This week we're looking back at the five most popular posts in the blog, revisiting the big lessons learned and, where possible, providing some updates.


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If social media increases site traffic and often leads to interesting stories and new sources for journalists, why wouldn't news organizations engage or want their reporters to engage on Facebook? This week at Career GPS, we explore the question of Facebook for journalists. Also find the

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For just about 4 years Pulse + Signal has been about technology, new media and new ideas happening in and around public & community health. Over those years I have put quite a bit of thought into what really makes a difference to improve the health of our communities. Sure, gadgets and new communication tools can be helpful and buzzworthy but in the end there is only one factor that will make the difference...

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Most Americans know what's killing us. Stop smoking, eat better, exercise, and wear your seatbelt — just those four simple steps, alone, could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Here are 10 ways to help people hear that message.

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Susan Mernit and Staci Baird, social media gurus, had a message for reformed journalists and New Media entrepreneurs participating in our pilot program melding online community engagement and health journalism: "We come in peace."

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10 online news outfits promise to share and share alike — if one doesn't die in the night.

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What is Storify? Good question! It's a new web product that this week, meant to help build stories conveniently pulling from social media sources such as Twitter, YouTube, etc.

to give you a feel for what's possible. Seems like a very convenient way to aggregate sources from social media. What do you think?



Going to the Assoc. of Health Care Journalists' conference next week in Baltimore? Have a drink & snacks on us at our annual happy hour on Fri. May 3, at 6:30 pm! This year's gathering will be held at Frank and Nic's West End Grille, across the street from the conference hotel.