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early childhood

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First 5 supports a host of different programs. That can make it difficult to assess what kind of impact the spending has made over the years, observers say.
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Does watching mom struggle at certain tasks carry benefits for her kids? A new study offers some intriguing evidence that children might work harder when parents do. It's an area of research "ripe for exploration," one expert says.
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A development biologist finds that the common zebrafish holds clues for how repeated exposure to stress can harm children's developing bodies and trigger a host of chronic health problems.
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The Magnolia Place Community Initiative brings together more than 70 county, city and community services and organizations to make children's lives better.
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Breastfeeding rates have risen in recent years, but big differences remain between states. Here's a look at the latest numbers and why many moms still find it hard to breastfeed.
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“The Raising of America” lays out the emerging science of early childhood, profiles families struggling to support their kids and make ends meet and argues for national policies that do more to support overstretched families with young children.

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As the calendar winds to a close, it’s worth taking a quick look back at some of the research from the past year that enlarged our understanding of the ways in which early childhood exerts an enduring influence on lifelong health.

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A new study of one of the most famous early childhood programs in existence suggests that it had profound impacts on the adult health of the participants decades later. If the research holds, it could have major implications for health policy.


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