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Michele Dutcher takes a bus to and from the Valumarket at the Mid City Mall on Bardstown Road a few times a week for groceries.
Across Louisville, more than 44,000 people live within food deserts, meaning they can't easily get healthy, affordable food. Here are some key takeaways from The Courier Journal's coverage of the issue.
The Lee County Regional Medical Center in Pennington Gap was closed by Wellmont Health System in 2013. The hospital authority in
The Lee County Hospital Authority in Virginia cut its losses with the Florida startup that it partnered with to open and run its hospital.
Michele Dutcher takes a bus to and from the Valumarket at the Mid City Mall on Bardstown Road a few times a week for groceries.
Louisville neighborhoods without grocery stores have higher risks of developing illnesses. And it's costing us millions in emergency health care.
A Traumatic Failure: DC Public Schools Neglect Mental Health
“I have to meet this guy and have sex with him. If I don’t, then he and his friends are going to rape my little sister,” a student at Frank Ballou High School in Ward 8’s Congress Heights told her teacher.
One-month-old baby Alexander is comfortable in his mom, Elia R’s arms during a group therapy session for women and mothers deali
Parents can feel hopeless when they enter the child welfare system. And things get complicated when California steps in to play parent.
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A recent review of health news found that nurses were cited as sources in only 2 percent of stories. Why is that? Journalists offered a few common explanations.
Cheyenne Easter and Jeremy Jones with Sebastian, 13 months and Charlotte, 3 months, spent years living on the streets addicted t
Becoming a new mom is stressful for the best-prepared women; struggling with addiction on top of that can lead to danger for them both.
Andre Lee Ellis, left, talks with Lisa Huston, right, who escorted her son to the "We Got This" summer program. Ellis was thanki
In Milwaukee, therapists, social workers and criminal justice reform officials are focusing new attention on the well-being of those who suffer traumatic experiences as children. James E. Causey’s reporting on this project was completed with the support of a USC Annenberg Center for Health
Dr. Lily Martorell-Bendezu checks an opiate-addicted baby’s heart and muscle tone in the neonatal intensive care unit at Riversi
Over the decade from 2008 to 2017, as the opioid epidemic took hold, the number of drug-exposed infants born per year nearly tripled in California
Photo via Olivia Henry
What happens when a poorer, unincorporated section of Sonoma is annexed by a wealthier neighboring city? Two editors share what they learned from telling stories of how annexation is impacting a community's health.



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