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The bond money for Proposition 2 will be financed by funds from the Mental Health Services Act, which has been mired in controversy and ineffectiveness since its passage in 2004.
After a very difficult upbringing and early adulthood, Sabrina Hanes is doing everything she can to overcome the trauma she expe
As many Paradise residents work to piece their lives back together they have the added weight of trauma from the Camp Fire.
A June 2018 photo of Butte Creek Canyon from the road connecting Chico to Paradise. Much of this canyon has burned. (Laura Kliva
Reporter Laura Klivans visited Paradise this summer for her reporting on childhood trauma. All the places she visited have now burned down. She takes a moment to look back.
Two reporters do the work it takes to get lucky for series on childhood trauma in New Orleans
The team tells how they wrapped their arms around a huge story: the impact of violence on children in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in one of the country’s most violent cities.
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The Lund Report is looking for a legislative/health policy reporter to cover health care issues at the Oregon Legislature when in session and other health policy issues the rest of the time.
Sharitta Berry, East Oakland resident
Sharitta Berry was at Oakland’s Highland Hospital when she got the bad news in early 2018.
Mo Chao Yang sits in her garden in North Sacramento, remembering the ways she survived the secret war in Laos. (Photo by Scott T
There is no way for an outsider to just parachute into a different culture and start writing about something as complex as refugee trauma. It takes building trust in that community.
The site of Sabrina Hanes' home on Nov. 13, 2018. (Anne Wernikoff/KQED)
Photos from Paradise, California, before and after the most devastating fire in the state's history largely destroyed the town.
Challenges and cultural barriers faced by Asians and Latinos at the end of life
For Asians, Latinos, and other ethnic minorities, the end of life presents unique challenges. Language barriers and cultural traditions can often inhibit access to hospice, pain management, and comfort care.
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The microbiome field is full of association stories, and it's easy for journalists to fall into the trap of mistaking correlation for causation when reporting on exciting research findings.
In Fiddletown, California, many older residents live alone and struggle to access social activities and mental health resources.
CapRadio’s health reporter Sammy Caiola spent six months exploring the reasons behind the high suicide rate in rural Amador County. She shares how community engagement aided her reporting.



The deadline is Friday, December 14, to apply for the 2019 California Fellowship, which provides $1,000 reporting grants and six months of expert mentoring to 20 journalists, community engagement grants of up to $2,000, specialized mentoring, to five.