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Mark Hailey, 60, and wife Dana in the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. Mark gets at-home treatment for his chronic obstructive p
There’s strong evidence that palliative care can improve the quality of life for terminal and chronically ill patients, while reducing emergency room visits and hospitalizations by as much as half.
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An estimated 755,000 people would lose benefits over the next three years if the rule change proposed by the USDA goes into effect.
Florida Times-Union
Marcus Wilson remembers the first time he saw his mom use crack cocaine. He thinks he was about 9. "She was doing it off a soda can," he said.
The Dartmouth Institute
Lisa Schwartz was "one of evidence-based medicine’s greatest thinkers and communicators of the last two decades," writes longtime friend and collaborator Chris Hendel.
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"I’ve always believed that the continuing fight over the law was a tactic used by conservatives to push the country’s thinking about health insurance much further to the right."
The Florida Times-Union
The children who end up buried the deepest in the criminal justice system were often victims of extensive trauma before they played a part in killing others.
Oil wells at the Arroyo Grande Oil Field.
Neighbors of the oil field are concerned about the safety of their drinking water wells, should new drilling and waste disposal edge closer to their properties in the coming years.
The Florida Times-Union
Prison inmates detail the crippling obstacles faced by many of the Jacksonville, Florida children involved in homicides.
Paid contractors at J.H. Brown Elementary said asbestos was safely removed from this classroom this summer. This photo was taken
After the successful cleanup of more than half a dozen schools, and with 38 more planned, the School District of Philadelphia is getting accolades for its aggressive, revamped efforts to protect students from lead paint.
Chana Smith
Hope, Humanity & Housing is a series that follows people living on the streets of Sacramento County. Their stories aim to put a face on a complex condition with many stigmas: homelessness.
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An 8-year-old boy's battered feet hint at the deeper traumas many migrant children are left carrying.



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