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is the principal investigator of , an educational campaign aimed at showing physicians how marketing influences their prescribing decisions. Originally funded by the , PharmedOut, among other things, offers continuing medical education to doctors, allowing them to earn credits without taking courses funded by drug or device companies.

This piece looked at Paul Starr's Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the social transformation of American medicine and explored how the issues he discusses can shed light on the current vituperative health care reform debate.

This story distills a national analysis of nursing home data and finds that Illinois is the worst state in the country for black seniors seeking nursing home. Illinois has the highest number of poorly rated majority black facilities in the country and just one black nursing home that received an excellent rating from Nursing Home Compare.

We looked at black and white homes where a high percentage of resident care was paid for by Medicaid and found that the disparities between the two groups actually increased, rather than shrunk as some owners with whom we had spoken predicted.

Given the seemingly never-ending national news blitz about health reform town halls, it's easy to forget that California's dramatic health care budget cuts still are moving forward.


In a in the New York Times, Natasha Singer detailed how leapt at the chance to sign her name to an article she had not written.

When it comes to climate change, the most important impacts of the emissions from our cars, power plants and factories are likely to be broad and indirect. Global warming needs to be examined not just from the perspective of medicine, but from public health.

ReportingonHealth's TalkBack blog recently highlighted media coverage of a new

We continue our 5-part series on the high cost of health care in America.

The New York Times and the medical journal won an incredible victory for patients and for health writers last week. They persuaded a judge in a lawsuit against drug makers to release 1,500 previously sealed documents that tell the story of how drug companies like Wyeth have been acting as ghost writers in medical journals.

We continue our 5-part series on the high cost of health care in America.