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Adela Carranco, left, with her mother Olga Maldonado. Adela’s story of unmet mental health needs helped put a human face on the
One consistent memory I have from reporting on California’s mental health system for low-income children is repeatedly asking myself, “Why is this so hard?”
“The best policy we can pursue is try to reduce access to firearms among people who are suicidal," one researcher says.
Vanessa S. Nelson / Capital Public Radio
This article was produced as a project for the 2017 California Data Fellowship, a program of the USC Center for Health Journalism. 
Melissa Noel photo
While Caribbean "barrel children" typically receive money and goods, they often lack the emotional support they need. Reporter Melissa Noel shares lessons from the field.
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An assignment chart in the ER at County USC, one of the busiest emergency departments in the state. (Photo by David Crane, Los A
The tide of ER visits rose in Southern California after Obamacare became law, growing about 27 percent from 2010 to 2016.
(Photo: Viktor Drachev/AFP/Getty Images)
A new study looking at survival rates of black, Hispanic and white children finds that racial disparities for some cancers can actually be explained by socioeconomic status.
Demonstrators at a Sacramento rally last year in support of a bill to create a single-payer system in California.
The Sacramento Bee’s Angela Hart shares how she got a handle on a huge story: the potential move to single-payer health care in the nation’s most populous state.
Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
Many people who should remain eligible for Medicaid — because they’re working or qualify for an exemption — will also lose coverage, says CBPP's Judith Solomon.
(Photo: Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images)
The challenge for journalists covering the country’s unchanged perinatal mortality rate is to go beyond the hospital setting, says Boston University's Eugene Declercq.
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