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What began as a murder of a black man in a Midwestern town in 1959 spiraled into a pattern of racial violence and trauma visited on one family over successive generations.
Laila Garcia, 4, left, and her sister, Zoey Garcia, 5, sit on the front porch of their apartment in Bloomington in Sept. 2017.
Over the course of a single night, four generations of Sabine Wiegand’s family were suddenly left without a home....
Californians remain without a scorecard to track the performance of Medicaid provider groups, and state officials don't seem eager to change that.
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Community outreach has been particularly powerful in curbing dramatic disparities in organ donation between white and black Americans.
First 5 supports a host of different programs. That can make it difficult to assess what kind of impact the spending has made over the years, observers say.
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A family with a young child in Los Angeles found dangerous levels of lead in their rental. But they haven't been able to find another home in the region's extremely tight housing market.
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Folks in underserved New Jersey face adversities that few in America ever even have to think about. How can the state turn the corner in addressing epidemic levels of trauma?
In California's Mendocino County, startling rates of suicide highlight a severe lack of access to mental health care.
In 2017, Mendocino County voters voted for a special sales tax to improve mental health services. Is it making a difference yet?
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SELF is seeking a Senior Editor to cover nutrition, healthy living, and general wellness.
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Famously troubled East St. Louis is embracing an idea known as “collective impact.” The idea is to better connect residents to existing services.