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Picture of Jeff  Kelly Lowenstein

Jack DeCoster, Wright County Egg and Regulatory Failure

Are those eggs in your breakfast omelette safe to eat? 2011 National Health Journalism Fellow Jeff Kelly Lowenstein looks at the problems that led to the biggest egg recall in history.

Picture of Deborah Schoch

Delays in Making Hospitals Earthquake-Safe: Reporting From California's Fault Lines

Deborah Schoch timed her two-part series, "Fault Lines," which looks at hospitals and seismic safety, to coincide with the Great California Shakeout, a day dedicated to earthquake preparedness. Here are her tips for reporting on earthquake safety at hospitals in your community.

Picture of William Heisel

The Secrets of Fertopolis: Should Sperm and Egg Donors Have to Disclose Their Identities?

More than 1 million people have been born in the US from donor eggs or donor sperm. For the most part, they can’t find out anything about at least one of their biological parents. That's now starting to change.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

A Landmark Court Case Over California's Medicaid Cuts

A landmark court case over Medicaid cuts, soy slammed for menopause, and bureaucratic delays in HIV/AIDS care for some Atlantans, more from our Daily Briefing.

Picture of William Heisel

The Curse of the Big Idea: Be Wary of Paradigm Shifts on PowerPoint

Beware of the Big Idea science stories first marketed as breakthroughs through magazine covers and PowerPoint presentations — only to be proven with increasing regularity to be more fiction than fact.

Picture of Barbara Feder Ostrov

Colonias: Third World Health Conditions, Deep in the Heart of Texas

Journalist Emily Ramshaw gives the backstory on how she reported her ground-breaking series on Texas' colonias, impovershed neighborhoods that remain without running water, paved roads or electricity after decades of neglect.

Picture of William Heisel

Q&A with Tracy Wood, Part 2: Finding the Right Records to Tell Orange County's Park Story

Journalist Tracy Wood talks about her investigation into a lack of parks in some Orange County (Calif.) cities and how it affects residents' health.

Picture of Carol Smith

A Food Desert in Foodie Seattle

Seattle is known as a haven for foodies, so it was something of a shameful surprise to discover that Seattle has a food desert in its own backyard.

Picture of Angilee Shah

America's Food Carnival and David Kessler's Prescription for Journalists

Dr. David Kessler highlights how the trifecta of sugar, fat and salt stimulates our brains, making us want more and more instead of feeling satiated. Even when we know certain foods are bad for us, we can't stop overeating. What is a journalist's role in how Americans relate to their food?



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