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Anne Molgaard

Expert Profile

Anne Molgaard

Executive Director
First 5 Mendocino
child development, prenatal to age 5
Latino health issues
health insurance
nonprofit health organizations
women's legal issues
California's Prop. 10


Anne Molgaard is executive director of First 5 Mendocino, a nonprofit group that promotes, supports and improves the health and development of children, prenatal to 5 years of age, in Mendocino County. Funded by the passage of Prop. 10 in 1998, First 5 Mendocino distributes tobacco-tax revenue by awarding grants and funding other initiatives. Molgaard formerly worked with the Peace Corps in Honduras and as an attorney for Catholic Charities. She received her J.D. from Herzing College in San Francisco.

166 Gobbi Street
Ukiah  California  95482
United States
Office Phone: 
(707) 462-4453
Office Fax: 
(707) 462-5570


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