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Marilyn Mochel

Expert Profile

Marilyn Mochel

Clinical Director
Healthy House
language and cultural difficulties in a health care and social services setting
multicultural health care coalitions
bilingual health interpreters
education of Hmong shaman in the practices of Western medicine
health care of Hmong and Hmong-Americans in Merced


Marilyn Mochel is clinical director of Healthy House of Merced, Calif. Healthy House, a community non-profit, provides services and training programs aimed at solving problems related to language and cultural difficulties in a health care and social services setting. Ms. Mochel co-founded a multicultural health care coalition that eventually evolved into Health House. That coalition was called MATCH, an acronym for Multidisciplinary Approach to Cross-cultural Health. A registered nurse, Ms. Mochel has worked with diverse multi-ethnic groups in Merced, Madera and Fresno counties as a cultural broker between patients, interpreters and health care providers. Many of the current projects at Healthy House, including a training program for bilingual health interpreters and an awareness program that educates Hmong shaman in the practice of Western medicine, are a direct result of lessons learned through the practice of cultural brokering. Ms. Mochel has co-authored several articles, including: "The Hmong and Health Care in Merced, California" with anthropologist Miriam Warner, Ph.D.; "Afterbirths in the Afterlife: Cultural Meaning of Placental Disposal in a Hmong-American Community" and "Shamans in a Hmong American Community, Comfort Cure and Connection" with Deborah Helsel, Ph.D., R.N.

1729 Canal St.
Merced  California  95340
United States
Office Phone: 
(209) 724-0102
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(209) 724-0153


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