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Social Determinants of Health: Where You Live Matters

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Social Determinants of Health: Where You Live Matters

June 29, 2010

The circumstances of where and how you are born, grow up, live, work  and grow old shape your health, just as your genes and lifestyle do. The growing field of "social determinants of health" focuses on the impact of these socioeconomic factors on health. Education, politics, violence, income, access to health care, social support, culture, transportation, environmental hazards, physical living conditions and even racism are topics for policymakers, researchers and journalists to consider as they examine health and health disparities within communities, nations and the world.


A seven-part documentary series exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health.

A compilation of news, research and WHO activities related to social determinants of health

An academic center linking social and behavioral sciences, epidemiology and health policy for USCF's four professional health schools.


The Institutes' program for promoting minority health and reducing health disparities.

Information and resources on designing and building healthier communities.


This Oakland-based organization provides lists of studies related to social determinants of health as well as tools communities can use to assess the impacts of development on health.  

This think tank for minority issues has launched a national initiative called "Place Matters" to eliminate health disparities. Its website offers a rich repository of reports, statistics and studies.

Offers free demographic data for media coverage of social determinants of health issues. Our primary source for getting age breakdowns by ZIP code was the 2000 U.S. Census.

Demographic research firm offers detailed, fee-based demographic data used by journalists and marketers.


Philanthropic community development initiative to improve health of 14 California communities, which begins this spring. (Disclosure: funds ReportingonHealth.)

National organization advocating for public policies to reduce health disparities and other social inequities.

Coalition of California local health departments working on health inequity issues.


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