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California spends an estimated $4 to $5 billion a year on mental health services for children and... more »
posted 10/23/17
Beaches, sunshine, natural beauty, high-priced homes. In so many ways, Ventura County embodies... more »
posted 02/22/15

Claudia Boyd-Barrett's Work

“Access varies quite dramatically depending on where you are,” said Kim Lewis of the National Health Law Program. “There isn’t a lot being done to ensure accountability in each county.”
This article was produced as a project for the 2017 California Data Fellowship, a program of the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism.

As a journalist, both homelessness and mental illness are uniquely challenging topics to report on. When combined, the reporting challenges double, but so do the potential insights. Claudia Boyd-Barrett shares lessons from her experience reporting on the issue in California's Ventura County.

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