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Child neglect is closely tied to poverty. By focusing on individual families accused of... more »
posted 04/22/19
A look at how the country’s two biggest states have insured their kids helps explain why nearly 4... more »
posted 04/02/19
It's a high-stakes problem lawmakers across the country are increasingly trying to address. more »
posted 01/14/19

Giles Bruce's Work

For reporter Giles Bruce, it wasn't until he jettisoned all his preconceived notions about what was driving Indiana's high infant death rate that he found his real story.
This series was produced as a project for the University of Southern California Center for Health Journalism's National Fellowship. Other stories in the series include:  Fort Wayne, Ind. mom shares tragic story of losing baby In Indianapolis, a baby dies every 3 1/2 days
In the past 30 years, Indianapolis' infant mortality rate has decreased by more than a third. But Indiana still has the second-highest black infant mortality rate in the country.
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