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Whether it's screening for developmental problems or catching adverse childhood experiences early... more »
posted 03/02/18
Pregnant women in LA's safety net system often struggle to get adequate mental health care. The... more »
posted 02/09/18
A development biologist finds that the common zebrafish holds clues for how repeated exposure to... more »
posted 08/08/17

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Posted by Lauren M. Whaley | Friday, 2018-02-16, 09:20
Hi Jeri. If your clients are in Los Angeles, they could check out the Maternal Mental Health NOW...
Posted by Lauren M. Whaley | Friday, 2018-02-16, 09:17
Thanks so much for reading, Lynn! I will flag Dr. Dossett on your comment.
Posted by Lauren M. Whaley | Thursday, 2017-08-17, 12:56
Great point about school systems, in addition to health systems, Taylor. Thanks for reading!