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“Children get the best care possible, no doubt,” says the head of the Sickle Disease Foundation... more »
posted 07/03/18
After months of reporting on immigrants' experiences in enrolling for health coverage, reporter... more »
posted 12/10/14
The fellowship project is looking at outreach to, and enrollment of, limited English speakers in... more »
posted 02/12/14

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While the genetic disease received widespread attention during the Civil Rights Movement, researchers and doctors say patients continue to suffer from a lack of adequate treatment.

Fears about deportation have kept many Latinos from signing up for health insurance in California. Although California has led the nation in sign-ups under the Affordable Care Act, the number of Latinos who have signed up has lagged in the state.

Obamacare prohibits undocumented immigrants from obtaining health-care coverage. But that would've changed in California if the "Health for All" bill had advanced last week. That means about one million people are still excluded from Medi-Cal and Covered California because of immigration status.