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Before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law and its provisions started, Californians,... more »
posted 10/16/17
The virus could win. It wants to do to Shima Andre what it already has done to so many thousands... more »
posted 06/02/15

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The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force comes under question by physicians as the group again prepares to release its final recommendations on breast cancer screenings. Physicians wonder if scaling back on screenings is a result of pressure from health insurers and the Affordable Care Act.

A woman who had attempted suicide and was rushed to a Los Angeles County hospital was photographed by a nurse, with her image then placed on websites two years later. Her case is an extreme example of how violations against patient privacy have increased, both nationwide and in California.

Delorian Cole is a 10 year old with a rare disorder that causes her breasts to grow at a rapid, abnormal rate. Doctors at Children's Hospital Los Angeles prescribed monthly injections to stem the growth, but the insurance company that covers Delorian said the injections were not medically necessary.

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