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2017 National Fellow Tracie Potts gives a behind-the-scenes look at the ever-changing nature of... more »
posted 03/06/18
A tour of four communities across America revealed a common theme when it comes to the health... more »
posted 02/27/18
Susan Moore has colon cancer. She couldn’t afford transportation to dialysis three times a week.... more »
posted 01/31/18

Tracie Potts's Work

In Washington, Congress is scrambling to come up with a budget by Thursday to avoid a government shutdown. Caught up in the mix: $3.6 billion for community clinics. Millions of people use those clinics to see a doctor.
As the Affordable Care Act's open enrollment period gets underway, there's a great deal of confusion about it, and funds have been slashed for advertising and navigators, which help people figure out which plan to select....

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